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See the wonderland before it's lost!

Join us on an adventurous 3D expedition to the shores of a mysterious island lost in the waters of the Indian Ocean. To an atoll, which has stubbornly rejected human life yet is home to a community of exotic animal characters and their entertaining tales. Cross your fingers as turtle hatchlings tumble into lethal shallows teeming with hungry sharks. Gaze in wonder at the world’s largest terrestrial crabs clambering up palm trees in search of juicy coconuts. Hold your breath in awe as a giant grouper fearlessly guards an ancient shipwreck against all comers. Discover how the giant prehistoric tortoises live together with their babies. Explore an island, which has risen from the sea only to be engulfed once again by ocean currents and rising seas. Meet our heroes, Elvi, Tory, robber Buster, Snooper, fighter Luis and many others in the story full of excitement, emotions and unexpected twists. Discover Aldabra before it’s lost!


In addition to the film Aldabra more than 30 hours of raw material were shot on the atoll and on various locations, documenting the complex preparations as well as the actual filming itself. This documentary has also recorded innumerable set-backs including complications with the expeditionary vessel or the necessity to take out a kidnap and ransom insurance policy which in the end required an escort of seven armed body guards. The Making Of documentary also comprises an interview with the ship's captain, who was kidnapped in 2009 by Somali pirates in the direct vicinity of Aldabra and who spent 88 days as a hostage in captivity. The film also depicts various dramatic situations as well as the technology and logistics required when filming in a lagoon full of sharks and in some of the world´s fiercest tidal rips. When full, the lagoon offers a marine wonderland covering an area of approximately 194km2, full of sharks, eagle rays, turtles, moray eels, groupers and many others. On land one can meet up with giant tortoises weighing over 200 kilos, the last flightless bird of the Indian Ocean or giant terrestrial crabs which look like monsters from outer space. One of the most powerful scenes in the film shows the dramatic birth of green turtle hatchlings and their courageous dash through the waters of the coral shelf teeming with sharks. Marine biologists place their chances of survival at about one in ten thousand. Audiences can look forward to this and much more in ALDABRA, the 3D wildlife adventure feature produced by Starlite Pictures.

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  • Pierce Brosnan

    Narrator & Characters Voices

  • Robert Schneider


    Robert Schneider is the producer and principle investor in the Aldabra project.

  • Petr Keller

    Producer and author of the original idea

    Petr Keller is the producer. He first considered the idea to film a movie about Aldabra atoll as far back as 2005. Keller has been active in audio-visual production for over fifteen years and founded successful company Starlite Pictures in 2000. During his career he has worked with many producers, directors and artists from around the world, including Guillermo Del Torro, Lawrence Gordon, Daniel Kleinman, will.i.am, and others. He has been working on Aldabra since 2005.

  • Steve L. Lichtag

    Director and story

    Film producer and director Steve Lichtag was born in Czechoslovakia, but lived and worked in the USA from 1980 to 1990. His films focus primarily on wildlife and the marine world. Lichtag's films have won more than 60 international awards in 18 countries.

  • Don Hahn

    Story and script consultant

    Don Hahn is an American film producer who's credited with producing some of the most successful animated films in recent history, including The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He was also Executive Producer of the Disneynature films Earth, Oceans, African Cats and Chimpanzee, all of which placed in the top five grossing nature movies of all time.

  • Kirk Wise

    Story and script consultant

    Kirk Wise is an American film director, animator and screenwriter best known for his work at Disney. Wise has directed such Disney movies as Beauty and the Beast, the first animated feature to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He also directed the English language translation of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.

  • David Reynolds

    Story and script consultant

    David Reynolds began his writing career in 1993 as one of the original writers on NBC's'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'. In 1995 Dave took a job with Walt Disney Feature Animation and Pixar. For the next six years, he worked on almost every Disney or Pixar animated movie in production. Including the screenplay for 'The Emperor's New Groove' as well as co-writing 'Finding Nemo'. He was nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay for Finding Nemo as well as a BAFTA for New Groove.

  • Michael Havas

    Story consultant

    Michael Havas was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, but grew up in New Zealand. He has written, directed and produced over 50 films, many of which won international awards. Havas has worked with television networks such as the BBC, Channel 4, The Discovery Channel, ZDF, ARD, ARTE, MTV and ORF.

  • Jiří Ticháček

    Executive producer

    Jiří Ticháček is executive producer on the Aldabra film project. As a producer he has worked on various international projects such as Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Hellboy, and others.

  • Leopoldo Gout

    Executive producer

    Leopold Gout is a filmmaker, writer and artist. He hails from Mexico, has studied in London and currently lives in New York. Together with Danny DeVito and Lucy Liu, he wrote and produced the animated film Little Spirit for NBC. He also works on the production of film and television projects based on the novels of James Patterson and participated in the production of the film Megalomania by director Michel Gondry. He also produced Days of Grace which has won several international awards.

  • David Hannan

    Cinematographer, oceanographer

    David Hannan's cinematography is featured in some of the world's most successful natural history feature films, television programs and series. These include the BBC's 'The Blue Planet', National Geographic 'The Shape of Life' and 'Great Migrations' series and David Suzuki's 'The Nature of Things'. David Hannan and Plankton Productions are currently releasing the '20th Anniversary Collectors Edition' of 'Coral Sea Dreaming - A Celebration of Reefs' with MLJ-Network.

  • William C. Parks


    William C. Parks lives and works in Florida as a professional technical diver, oceanographer and expert on marine life. For more than 30 years, he has dedicated himself to the research and preservation of endangered marine species.

  • Ernst Pindur

    Seychelles Consul, who significantly helped to birth the film Aldabra.

  • Robert Jíša

    Original music composer

    Robert Jíša is a well-known Czech music composer. He graduated in film scoring from the Berklee College of Music in Boston but currently lives in Prague. During his career Jíša has released more than 21 albums, of which two went platinum. Robert has also composed the music for several Czech films including Steve Lichtag's recent films: “Prapodivný svět” (Strange World) and “Poslední lovci” (The Last Hunters).

  • Jiří Klenka

    Sound engineer

    Jiří Klenka is a leading Czech film sound designer. Klenka has won two Czech Lion awards (the Czech equivalent of an Oscar) in the “Best Sound” category (“Kytice” and “Želary”), and was nominated for a Czech Lion on two further occasions. In 2010 Klenka founded his own sound studio, JK Sound, where he designed and mixed the sound for the feature films “Román pro muže“ (Novel for Men), “Občanský průkaz” (Identity Card), “Tacho” and “V peřině” (Under the Duvet).

  • Petr Kašpar

    Head of technology, cameraman

    Petr Kaspar is a filmmaker and author of films on extreme sports. He moves with the camera along the ground, in the air and underwater. More than ten years participates in the implementation of expeditions athletes in extreme environments Himalayas, Africa and other locations around the world. Petr is since 2008 part of Twin Star Film. He is dedicated to the development of film technology. For 3D film projects Aldabra and Shark Odyssey he designed and has developed together with leading technology centers in the Czech Republic a unique underwater 3D camera systems and 3D RIG for film cameras RED EPIC.

  • Ondřej Hošek


    Ondřej Hosek studied at the Film Academy subject of camera. His bachelors work was dedicated to theme of extreme documentary film directed by Steve Lichtag. Therefore he received an offer from Twin Star Film on cooperation and the cinematographer he worked on the set of the film SANDSTONE (directed by P. Kaspar) and after that followed the filming of Tibet - Last trip in Nepal, Tibet, India and Mongolia.

  • Vojtěch Nedvěd

    Cameraman, stereographer

    Vojtěch Nedved graduated from film school, subject of editing and camera. His bachelors work was devoted to the topic of stereoscopy, where he is professionally engaged. Since 2009 he is a member of Team Twin Star Film for the position of director of photography and stereographer. In the Aldabra project he was a key member of the underwater team.

  • Miroslav Hrdý

    Underwater cameraman 3D and 2D Photographer

    Director and cinematographer of documentary films about water, insects and nature around us. Miroslav is dedicated to filming and photography since 1994.. For his documentary he won many awards at film festivals at home and abroad.

  • Jindřich Soukal

    Underwater cameraman and photographer

    Jindrich Soukal, longtime diving instructor (issued over 700 certifications) and professional diver leads the underwater work logistics during filming. He has participated in and led many diving expeditions (South Africa, Mozambique, Galapagos, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.). Since 2005 he is a member of Team Twin Star Film, where in addition to the functions he holds the post of 3D underwater cameraman.

  • Radim Kotěšovec


    Since 2003, Radim has participated on such films as Last hunters, Dance of the Blue Angels, Myth Called Shark, Prisoners of a White God, Bizarre World, Sandstone and many others for which he owns a number of international awards. For 10 years he has been Head of Acquisitions at the International Film Festival of Water, Sea & Ocean and for the fifth time he co-organise NAIFF film festival. Since 2013 Radim teaches film studies at the Department of Visual Anthropology in Faculty of Arts at the University of Pardubice.

  • Martin Švagr

    Medical doctor

  • Martin Paleček

    Post production supervisor

    Martin Paleček is for many years devoted to the visual post production of commercials, as well as feature films. In ACE post studio he implemented leading Czech film projects such as Bathory, Maj, Tobruk (The Best VFX, Los Angeles Movie Award) and also the first Czech 3D stereoscopic film V perine.

  • Jan Burianek

    Stereography Consultant

    Pavel Faustus

    Camera Assistant

    Michal Tesar

    Underwater lighting & stills photography

    Barbora Hovorkova, Jiri Goetz

    Sound Editors

    Ivo Spajl

    Foley recording and mixer

    Jaroslava Hlavesova, Olga Cechova

    Foley Artists

    Miroslav Mzourek

    Location Logistics

    Jan Rudolf

    Twin Star Film Production Support

    Pavel Stepan


    Vladimir Kroupa

    Legal Advisor

    Martin Petro

    Color Grading

    Peter Harakaly

    Animation Supervisor

    Daniel Severa

    VFX Supervisor

    Tomas Snizek

    Lead Compositor

    Tomas Hajek, Jan Stripek, Petr Starek


    Vanda Palisova, Jan Kurimsky


    Tomas Havelka, Vlastimil Stejskal

    Lightning and Render

    Jan Vondrak


    Tomas Kadlec, Filip Susic

    Technical Support

    US Producers & Crew

    Lise Romanoff

    Associate Producer

    Adam Wright

    Associate Producer

    René Veilleux

    Voice Director

    Donald Roman Lopez

    Script Adaptation

    Andrew Vastola

    Recording Engineer

    Tara Horvath

    VO Production Manager

    Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.

    Dialogue Editor & Re-recording Mixer

    Gary Falcone

    Studio Supervisor

    Regina Gibson-Broome

    Studio Manager

    Peter DiRado

    Project Coordinator

    Special Thanks

    Sisi Cronin

    Sicily Publicity

    Elizabeth Dalling

    Special Artists Agency

    Dea Vise CSA, Billy DaMota CSA


    Nathan Ross

    Technical Support

    Music scored by

    Czech Symphony Orchestra
    Bon Pueri Czech Boys Choir

    Conducted by

    Marek Stryncl

    Christina Johnston

    Solo voice

    Miloslav Svec


    Robert Jisa

    Grand piano and synthesizers

    Petr Zdvihal

    1st Violin

    Zdenek Rys

    Solo oboe

    Ludek Hrabec

    Solo tuba

    Milan Muzikar

    Solo bassoon

    Vox Pragae


    Lenka Mrázková


    Music recorded at

    Studio S1, Český rozhlas, Michal Pekarek
    The Professional Sound Studio, Petr Sys

    Score recorded by

    Michal Pekarek
    Score recorded in Studio S1, Czech Radio, Prague

    Solo voice recorded by

    Petr Sys
    Solo voice recorded in The Professional Sound Studio, Prague

    Robert Jisa

    Score programming and orchestration

    Scoring Mixer

    Greg Townley
    Score mixed at The Farm

    Ales Klemperer, Robert Marek, Robert Houzar, Lukas Jalovecky

    RUST Advertising Agency, Key Visual & Communication

    Uljana Donatova

    Media & PR Advisor

    Michael Kidd, Neil Jason, Mark Humby

    ATLAS Maritime Security

With thanks

  • H.E. Rolph Payet

    Minister for Environment and Energy in the Seychelles Government

  • Sir James Mancham

    Founding President of the Republic of Seychelles. President of the Global Peace Council of the Universal Peace Federation.

  • Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne

    Chairman of the Seychelles Islands Foundation

  • Dr Frauke Fleischer-Dogley

    Chief Executive Officer and Trustee of the board of the Seychelles Islands Foundation

  • Francis Roucou

    Captain Le Kir Royal

  • Christophe Condé

    Captain Twin Spirit

  • Luboš Jirgl

    Travel & logistics

  • Dennis Hansen, PhD

    Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

  • Michael Rutzen

    Underwater cameraman

    Michael Rutzen is recognised as one of the world's leading experts on sharks and their conservation. He achieved international renown thanks to his television show “SHARKMAN”, which was recorded for The Discovery Channel. He has also worked as cameraman on many productions, including key programmes for National Geographic and BBC TV.

  • Dr Nancy Bunbury

    Project & Science Programme Coordinator - Seychelles Islands Foundation

    Philip Haupt

    GEF Project Coordinator - Seychelles Islands Foundation

    Matthew Harper

    Education & Outreach Coordinator - Seychelles Islands Foundation

    Scott Watts

    Stone Circle Pictures "Don Hahn's Associate producer"

    Ralph Ernesta

    Relief Manager

    Jude Brice

    Senior Skipper

    Alain Banane


    Barney Marengo

    Logistics Assistant

    Samuel Basset

    Logistics Assistant

    Ian Mellie

    Cook /Gardener

    Andy Gouffe


    Michel Malbrook

    Trainee ranger

    Shanni Etienne

    Trainee ranger

    Christina Quanz

    Project officer, shopkeeper

    Martin Van Dinther

    GEF Project Support Officer

    Richard Baxter

    ZARP Project Officer

    Jindrich Bohm

    Dive Master

    Pavel Tomecek, Tomas Bocek, Kamil Balzar

    Location Logistics

    Jan Tutoky, Marcela Kordova, Michaela Vlaskova

    Making of Cameramans

    Katerina Ullmannova

    Still Photo

    Ivan Kadlec

    Camera Support RED EUROPE LTD.

    Ing. Ladislav Ziska, Pavel Blata, Zdenek Spindler, Stanislav Kaspar, Miroslav Lukas

    Special Camera Equipment

    Petr Vonka, Frantisek Harant, Bretislav Vaisar

    Diving Equipment

    Jon Kamen, Frank Scherma

    @Radical Media New York & Los Angeles

    Coast Guards Republic of Seychelles


Aldabra, the film, presents more than just a dramatic story of the atoll itself, but offers diverse and emotionally charged tales featuring our main characters. Thanks to 3D technology, Aldabra offers you a unique opportunity to witness the everyday existence of these unique creatures.

  • Giant tortoises

    Giant Tortoise as WISE ELVI

  • Courageous Toddlers

    Sea Turtle as MAMMA TORI

  • The Coastguard

    Black tip Sharks as COASTGUARDS

  • Robots

    Robber Crab as BUSTER

  • Tireless Babblers

    AIR FORCE - Frigate Birds and others

  • Surgeon Hunter

    Rail as SNOOPER

  • Mud Warriors

    Mangrove crab as MUDDY CRAB

  • Captain Shipwreck

    Grouper as HUNTER GROUPER

  • Night Demon

    Moray Eel as SLIMY MURRAY

  • Primeval Aviators

    Primeval Aviators

and others

The Island

Aldabra is one of the last pristine and untouched places on this planet. The atoll is virtually inaccessible, inhospitable to Man, yet teeming with life. It lies south of the main Seychelles islands and north of Madagascar. The atoll is formed of living coral and limestone rock. Aldabra´s highest point lies 19m above sea level. Geological evidence suggests that this unique atoll has disappeared least six times beneath the ocean waves. Climate change and the melting of the polar icecaps are warning us that Aldabra may soon vanish again – taking its Wonderland with it.


Recording Narration and Characters Voices with Pierce Brosnan, Kauai, July 07th, 2017

Recording Studio MAUKA VIEW, Hawaii, Kauai

Recording Narration Recording Narration Recording Narration

Premiere Italy, Milan April 18th 2017

Russia premiere Russia premiere Russia premiere Russia premiere Russia premiere

TG2 & TG5 Reports


Premiere Russia, Moscow Oct 22nd 2016

Russia premiere Russia premiere Russia premiere Russia premiere

Screening at the Cannes Film Festival May 11st 2016

Cannes screening

International Premiere, Seychelles April 21st 2016

Seychelles Premiere Seychelles Premiere Seychelles Premiere

Seychelles Premiere Seychelles Premiere

Music score recording teasers from the studio

December 2013 - PF 2014

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

PF 2014

October 5 - Steve Lichtag, director of Aldabra movie, in an interview for ČT 24 Hyde Park show. (The recorded broadcast only available in Czech language.)


Steve v ČT Steve v ČT Steve v ČT Steve v ČT

August 8 - Czech film Aldabra heads to the United States

In mid July producer Petr Keller and director Steve Lichtag met with a team of story and script consultants, all of whom have worked on many of Disney's classic films, to finalize the edit and script for Aldabra 3D. This creative team was pulled together by Don Hahn, who co-produced Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and was producer on Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The team included Kirk Wise, who co-directed Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame, and David Reynolds, the screenwriter who co-wrote Finding Nemo, for which he was nominated as a co-writer for an Oscar. Executive producer Leopoldo Gout and Associate Producer Scott Watts were also part of the team.

Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney

July 3 - Visit in Prague ZOO

Former president of the Republic of Seychelles Sir James Mancham has decided to support the giant tortoises living in the Prague Zoo. Sir James Mancham visited on Wednesday the turtle pavilion, which recently flooded flood. Around the world in addition promotes the Czech film he tells the stories of coral atoll.



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